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Event :: June Flash Sale :: Ferret WiFi Cam


June Flash Sale :: Ferret WiFi Cam


Ferret Mini WiFi Camera with Ferret Stick :: $135


The OMG is proud to offer this highly efficient wi-fi camera at the same price they were selling for at InspectionWorld in January. This is a very neat gadget that helps inspectors see into places they might otherwise not be able to see.

List Price: $155

Available online: $155
Don't be fooled by the $129 teaser price. That doesn't include the stick and you're going to want the stick.

Special OMG price: $135 with free shipping!

Start Date And Time

06/02/2020 09:00 pm

End Date And Time

06/30/2020 09:30 pm


Free Shipping



The Ferret WiFi –

Multipurpose Wireless Inspection Camera plus Ferret Stick combo


The award-winning Ferret WiFi is the world’s first true multipurpose wireless inspection camera. It is ideal for providing faster, easier and safer close up visual inspections when working in dark confined crawl spaces and areas that are high up and hard to reach. Chances are you’ve needed to get eyes on something where your head wouldn’t fit or get access to.

The Ferret is small enough to drop in your pocket or tool pouch, and lets you quickly get eyes where you need them the most. The high resolution wireless 720p camera with built in adjustable 3 level bright white LED’s provides greater visibility and gives the user flexibility to see in areas that are hard to reach, streamed directly to your Apple or Android device. IP67 rated so suitable for damp and dusty environments.

The easy to use free app lets you record photo or video directly to your smart device which you can use to send to customers direct to your reporting app. The audio recording function with video helps with reporting.

With a built in WiFi hotspot, you are not tethered to a grip like other inspection cameras. The Ferret comes with a range of thread adaptors making it compatible with the majority of other manufacturers extendable rods and poles.

It will help make it easier and faster to locate and diagnose problems and will help you with that first quick look! Imagine being able to easily check connections behind a piece of equipment or look above a ceiling, up a chimney, check a roof structure without having to always find the need to climb a ladder (when attached to a pole or rod). Don’t put your hands or head somewhere until you’ve checked for critters lurking inside.

The Ferret is incredibly handy and versatile and with 6 main functions it makes it an ideal tool for home inspectors to inspect & locate, reach & retrieve, data capture & report.


Wireless and rechargeable with built in WiFi Hotspot

Adjustable Bright LED’s

Record photos and videos (including with sound) direct to your phone

Import photos and videos to your reporting App.

Free easy to use app to suit both Android and iOS

Ferret Stick extends out to 55”

IP67 rated with the back cap on so suitable for all dusty and damp environments

Comes with a range of accessories – gooseneck, short rod, hook and magnet to enhance functionality

Extend the Ferret’s reach up to 40’ using a variety of other manufacturer’s rods and poles. A range of thread adaptors included

Reduce the need to always use a ladder or enter dark damp crawl spaces

Inspect with a Ferret and carry out all kinds of inspections quickly, safely and with ease.

Smart Tool. Smart Choice.

“I now use the Ferret in 1 in 3 inspections” “The Ferret comes in very handy and is easy to use and quicker for me to use in tight spots”

“I used the Ferret on a roof that was too steep for me to climb – the Ferret kept me safe”

“The video recording function is valuable for inspections” “I use the Ferret instead of a drone which takes time to set up. It is easy and quicker to use”


• Roof & guttering

• Structural components

• Attic, ventilation & insulation

• Exterior cladding

• Porch & deck

• Garage

• Basement

• Dark confined crawl spaces

• Fireplace

• Electrical system

• Plumbing system

• HVAC system

• Interior, including:

- Built-in appliances

- Dryer ducts

- Above cabinets

- Ceilings

- Floors and walls


• Records images and videos directly into your smart device (Apple or Android)

• Built-in WiFi Hotspot

• Resolution: 1280x720 pixel

• Water Resistant Rating: IP67 (with the back cap on)

• Viewing Angle: 90°

• Weight: 1 1/6 ounces

• Size: 3 ¼” long and 1 ¼” maximum width

• Battery Size: 500mAh

• Battery Type: Lithium Polymer

• Charge Voltage: 5VDC

• Operating Time: up to 100 Minutes

• Charging Time: 70 Minutes

• Frequency: 2.4GHz

• Ferret Stick extends out to 55”

• 12 Month Replacement Warranty - This warranty is expressly limited to the original owner who purchases the products from an authorized Cable Ferret Distributor


– Ferret WiFi Camera CFWF50A

– Padded EVA case

– Thread Adaptors

– Flexible Gooseneck

– Rod/ Hook/ Magnet

– USB-C charge cable

– Spare O-rings

– Instruction Manual

– Configuration guide