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Mission Statement

To provide resources for quality education and discussion, personal and group support and overall comradery to ASHI members using technology to recruit, connect, empower, and represent ASHI members from across the country and around the world.

The statement is simple and direct. Here’s the deeper meaning behind the words we used.

  1. To provide resources – Inspectors that care about improving their skill sets are always looking for more technical information and training, and are looking for sources to gain CE’s. When you can easily obtain these resources from one source, it makes it a really attractive option. The OMG strives to be another viable resource within the ASHI organization. We also want to make it clear that we are not trying to replace the traditional brick and mortar chapter. We have observed the limitations of a brick and mortar chapter or meeting group and want to help provide solutions. 
  2. Quality education – The OMG can use resources and presenters from far and wide. We aren’t limited to local resources. This can create a large library of information to draw from and share with members. 
  3. Quality discussion – The OMG brings inspectors together from far and wide. This will help expose inspectors to different points of view and business perspectives. 
  4. Personal support – Inspectors can develop relationships with inspectors to help on a one-on-one basis with specific inspection items or business questions. 
  5. Group support – Inspectors can pose questions and concerns to the entire group and receive valuable feedback. 
  6. Overall comradery to ASHI members – I think it is fair to say that Inspectors are a unique group of individuals. It is fun and exciting to meet others that face the same day-to-day challenges. It helps build a positive ASHI experience, especially when you get to know inspectors from points far and wide. For most inspectors, this type of opportunity or experience was limited to the annual Inspection World gatherings. 
  7. Using technology – Through the use of the internet and advancements with on-line meeting platforms, we can easily bridge the gap or distance between inspectors which has always been a limiting factor for any brick and mortar chapter and meeting group. 
  8. Recruit – The OMG can be a great way to recruit more ASHI members through a strong internet presence and style that may be more attractive to a younger generation. It will also allow some inspectors to become more involved in leadership roles at the Chapter level and possibly the National level. 
  9. Connect – The OMG platform provides an opportunity for inspectors to build larger networks with other inspectors, especially with inspectors they might not have been able to meet any other way. It can also connect inspectors with resources from areas outside their region. 
  10. Empower – All the qualities I have detailed so far can help empower an inspector. Again, the OMG is about sharing information and support, building networks and friendships with other inspectors, and opening inspectors to new experiences and opportunities to become more involved with ASHI while building and sharing their skills at the same time. 
  11. Represent ASHI members – The OMG provides a special opportunity to inspectors who do not have a local chapter they can participate with or join. MAC-ASHI can help their voice be heard whether indirectly through other representatives or directly as a member of the Member Relations Committee (MRC) themselves. This is important because every member of ASHI should have an easy outlet to voice their opinion at the National level. 
  12. Across the country – The goal of the OMG is to reach ASHI members across the United States. There are many inspectors in ASHI who do not belong to a local chapter. There are many reason, but the most common one we have heard is the closest chapter is too far away. 
  13. Around the world – Since we are aiming to reach inspectors across the country, we can easily extend that effort to inspectors around the world. 
  14. We are currently discussing adding verbiage related to not only bringing inspectors together, but encouraging inspectors, as they meet more inspectors in their area from our group, to work with ASHI to start their own local chapter in their area. MAC-ASHI has a proud history of spawning multiple successful chapters throughout its existence. With MAC-ASHI hosting the OMG, it makes perfect sense that we would want to continue that proud history.