Join us at 8:00 PM Eastern Time on the First Wednesday of Each Month:

and why should i care?

What is the Online Meeting Group?

The Online Meeting Group is a program sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors that exists for the purpose of sharing the chapter experience with ASHI members who, for whatever reason, find it impractical to attend local meetings. It has no geographic boundaries and meets online.

When does it meet?

The group meets on the First Wednesday evening of each month at

8:00pm Eastern Time  
7:00pm Central Time
6:00pm Mountain Time
5:00pm Pacific Time

Where does it meet?

The group meets online through the popular webconferencing software, ZOOM. We use the same link each month, so you  can just bookmark it:

Should I register  in advance?

Yes. It helps us plan better if we know who is coming. Preregistrations is necessary for us to issue certificates of attendance. You  can find the calendar of upcomimg events here.

Do I receive continuing education credits for attending?

OMG meetings are approved by ASHI for CEs. Different states have different licensing CE requirements. We are working on getting these approvals, but there are some praticality issues that we have to contend with. In a nutshell, it becomes worthwhile to obtain state approval in states in which we have critical mass.

Do I need a camera and/or microphone on my computer to participate?

No. Zoom allows attendees to share their web-cams, but we don't use that feature. Most comments from attendees are posed by text.

How do I join?

Joining the meeting group is easy.  Just fill out the form.  By doing this you are not actually joining the chapter. The net effect is that you will be added to our mailing list. You will later be given the opportunity to join the chapter.

How much does it cost?

Any and all are invited to attend two or three meeting. At some point, though, you will be invited to support our efforts by joing the chapter.

What is MAC ASHI's role in this project?

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors (MAC ASHI) sponsors the Online Meeting Group (OMG). It is constituted under the Metting Group (MG) provision of the ASHI Policy Manual.

Why should I join?

Chapter participation is an important part of ASHI membership. Many members, however, for one reason or another, do not belong to a chapter. The OMG creates opportunities for unaffiliated ASHI members to realize the benefits of chapter participation--continuing education, mentoring and comradery. 

Aren't ASHI chapters local in nature?

Chapters have always been local entities. Internet technology, however, opens doors and builds bridges that allow ASHI members who, until now, have found it impractical to travel to local chapter meetings.

Aren't other ASHI chapters already doing this?

Many chapters have adopted a hybrid model. They simulcast their local meetings. These are local meeting held in brick and mortar (or frame) buildings. The OMG, on the other hand, holds meetings online through a webconferencing platform. It specifically does not have a local flavor.