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Signin Signout

The OMG’s sign-in/sign-out process can seem a little daunting. Once you get used to it, though, it is actually pretty straight forward—the same process month after month. To start, let us first define a few terms.

  • OMG- An acronym that stand for Online Meeting Group. The OMG is sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors. The OMG exists to share the chapter experience with home inspectors who, for whatever reason, find it impractical to attend local chapter meetings.
  • Event- A meeting or training opportunity offered by the OMG.
  • Calendar- A page on the website where events are announced, and home inspectors register.
  • Register- To register for an event, you simply fill out a form related to a specific event. You do this through the calendar. When you register, your name is added to the attendee list. You must register to be eligible to receive a certificate of attendance.
  • Attendee- A home inspector who has registered for an event.
  • Attendee List- All home inspectors who have registered for an event.
  • Log in- We use the GoToMeeting platform to host our events. You access the meeting by clicking a link. When logged in to the meeting, you can participate, but you don't get credit until you sign in and out.
  • Token- One word announced at the beginning and end of each event used to confirm your attendance.
  • Sign in (not to be confused with log in)-  At the beginning of each event a text message is sent to the attendee list. You will receive a text message. You tap on the link in the text message. This opens a field into which you enter the token. This process confirms your presence at the beginning of the event.
  • Sign out- Similar to sign in, a text message is sent at the end of each event. You tap the link in the text and enter the sign-out token. This process confirms your presence through the end of the event.
  • Certificate of Attendance- Once you first register, then sign in and sign out, an electronic document is automatically generated. The certificate of attendance is sent to you by both text message and Email. Certificates of Attendance are also archived, available to participants.
  • Join- To add your name to our database. “Join” is a little bit misleading, because you are not actually “joining” anything. You are simply adding your name to our mailing list.
  • Participant- A home inspector who has joined by filling out a form on the website. There are three distinct advantages to becoming a participant:
    • Participants receive invitations to, and reminders of, upcoming events.
    • Monthly event registration is easier. The event registration form is prepopulated if the participant is logged in and registers as a member.
    • Participants have access to an archive of their previous certificates of attendance.