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Event :: April 2024 OMG Meeting


April 2024 OMG Meeting


- Home Inspector Questions From the Field


Home Inspector Questions From the Field

Alan Beal  Sean Troxell  Mark Mostrom  Larry Cerro

The MAC ASHI Education Committee has been hard at work innovating into the new, post-pandemic, normal. Some people want to return to physical meetings. Some have become comfortable with the convenience of webconferencing. Here at the OMG, you know where we stand. We were the early pioneers of this normal and intend to dominate this space. To do so, we must nurture our pioneer mindset. That's where this meeting comes in.

We are certain that home inspectors are out there in the field with unanswered question. In fact, we have some of our own. We have recently setout to poll the inspector community. We want to know what you are pondering. If you are wondering, someone else probably is also. 

So, we invite each of you to take a moment and ask us. We're hard at work researching the answers and want to share our findings with you.  Click Here to fill out our survey. Note the only required field is the question. There are other fields we invite you to infill, but let's keep it simple. Just tell us what you want to know and remain anonymous if you prefer.

Start Date And Time

04/03/2024 08:00 pm

End Date And Time

04/03/2024 09:30 pm